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At Jeff Jones, Inc, we understand that we go through financial investment cycles and your investment holdings have cycles, too.

We recognize that to develop strategies and recommend solutions to help you achieve your investment goals, we need to always be in pursuit of new information, best practices, aware of opportunities and how those options can personally benefit you, “the investor.”

We are committed to:

  • Understanding how you and your needs are changing, i.e. financial goal updates through life's phases.
  • Helping our clients understand their investment options and navigating through investment cycles.
  • Making sure you are aware of changes happening in the market that might affect financial strategies and solutions going forward.
  • Informing you and recommending innovations in products that may become available and are better suited to your changing financial situation.
  • Always seeking to empower you to understand your financial choices and decisions.

Values You Can Depend On:


We strive to serve every client by developing a personalized strategy that meets his or her long and short-term financial goals and dreams.


We do research and proposals with excellence by developing financial strategies to achieve your goals and exceed expectations.


Through service to our clients, we seek to provide realistic financial returns and assist them to fulfill their desires for the assets they have accumulated. Managing assets to meet your personal financial needs and the legacy you desire to pass on to your family, organizations, and communities.


All information that is shared in the pursuit of developing a personal financial plan will be held in the strictest confidence. Information provided to us will not be shared or sold with third parties.


We aim to establish and maintain relationships with professionals that provide products and services that help meet the needs, desires and best interests of our clients.

Professional Growth

We diligently strive to maintain the highest level of technical competence, ongoing certifications and continuing education so that we can best serve your evolving financial product and service needs.

Service & Communication

We provide a proactive and periodic review of all our clients financial investments and products. As your trusted advisor, we use every means available to assure that questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

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